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The unique thing about a UCI instructor is...



The first thing you'll notice is there are not many of us. The reason for this is we only accept HIGHLY EXPERIENCED and QUALIFIED public safety divers who "SPECIALIZE" in underwater criminal investigations.

Why are we so picky when selecting UCI Instructors? It's about REPUTATION! It's hard for an instructor to get up in front of a bunch of experienced Public Safety Divers, many of which have experience in the subject you are teaching and try to teach topics like evidence packaging, chain of custody procedures and crime scene processing and handling when you have never dealt with these subjects professionally. It's like trying to teach body recovery and/or body bagging and you've never recovered or bagged a real dead body underwater. You become a joke!

Unlike other PSD training companies, we do not mass produce our instructors. We care about quality, not quantity. Because of that, UCI has become the recognized leader in underwater criminal investigations training which is the most sot after PSD mission. No other company specializes in this field!

So, how do you qualify to join our instructor ranks? Here are the steps:

  • You have to be a UCI and Master UCI GRADUATE

  • Be a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

  • Be a Professional Underwater Criminal Investigator with documented body, evidence and vehicle recoveries

  • Be a sworn officer

  • Be a RESPECTED PSD professional and Dive Team Leader with years of experience

  • Be handpicked and invited to join the UCI Instructor ranks by Mike Berry

  • Go through our FREE instructor process which could take years

  • AND we have to like you:)

So, as you can see, many of the PSD Instructors you know don't come close to qualifying as a UCI Instructor.

Mike Berry

Clint Barnett

Clay Overholt
Ryan Mareno 
Tim Andro
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Denise Cable
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