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UCI's founder and head instructor, Mike Berry is a proud military veteran. He served as an Army Paratrooper and is honored to serve our military veterans.


Over the years UCI has had the honor of training many military personnel in Underwater Criminal Investigations. This training has been given to our: veterans, military criminal investigative units as well as the dive units they would call upon. With the growing threat to our country, military diving personnel are proactively preparing to respond to and assist during any man-made or even natural disaster by being properly trained beyond their normal call for duty. Subjects like: body recovery and handling, underwater body bagging techniques, evidence handling and packaging, underwater crime scene preservation and processing, crime scene search techniques and many other related topics are all need-to-know capabilities for future assistance. This proactive response by our military units only better prepares them for possible future threats to our security or other calls for service. If you are a veteran or active member of a military investigative or diving unit and would like to find out more about UCI training, give us a call!


UCI would like to say "THANK YOU" to our military men and women who go the extra mile for our freedom and way of life. God bless you all!

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