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Master Public Safety Diver

Did you know UCI has the ONLY Master Public Safety Diver certification in the world? Now, we know other competitors will be quickly copying our certification like they do on many of our techniques and methods. But, you know who leads the way. To qualify, public safety divers must go through all our training. The prerequisites are:

  • PADI Rescue Diver

  • PADI Public Safety Diver

  • Advanced Public Safety Diver

  • Full-face Mask Diver

  • Dry Suit Diver

  • Underwater Criminal Investigator

  • Body Recovery Specialist

  • Vehicle Recovery Specialist

  • Evidence Recovery Specialist

  • CSI Metal Detector Specialist

  • Master Underwater Criminal Investigator                   


Becoming certified as a Master Public Safety Diver should be the ultimate goal for every Public Safety Diver. Obtaining that recognition through UCI as well as PADI, doesn't get any better!

UCI leads while others follow! 

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