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Public Safety Diver Instructor Courses


Imagine being trained to teach the PADI Public Safety Diver and/or the Advanced Public Safety Diver course by the guy who wrote their PSD courses. How cool is that? Mike Berry teaches these 1-day programs to PADI Instructors who meet all the prerequisites. Here is the catch, you also have to take Mike's PSD or Advanced PSD course making your instructor course 4-days long so you can be taught by Mike how the courses were designed to be taught. One of the most important prerequisites is "Experience." It's hard to teach others a subject you yourself know very little about. So, don't come if you lack this ingredient and you are looking for another specialty to teach! 

Mike will break down every component of the Public Safety Diver and Advanced Public Safety Diver courses and how he wrote them, how he designed and how to teach them. He will expand your knowledge and skills and when he is done, you will be a certified PADI Instructor in that course!

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