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UCI Leeches

A bloodsucking worm that has a flattened segmented body with a sucker at each end: a hanger-on who seeks advantage or gain.

The first course UCI taught in 1987, a PADI Instructor asked for a copy of our Underwater Criminal Investigators© lesson plan believing he could infringe on our copyrighted material, methods, and techniques. His goal was to take the course and submit his own lesson plan based on the information and techniques he learned in our program. Since then, it has been an endless onslaught of individuals as well as training agencies trying to steal, copy, plagiarize, and infringe on our copyrighted © material, techniques, information, and methods. We are totally aware of the uniqueness of our programs and the desire of some unqualified and inexperienced instructors to want to use our material for their own gain and benefit. Rather than having the experience themselves to write their own programs, they believe it’s alright to steal from others who do. We call these individuals, “UCI Leeches.”

We have leeches in:


  • North Carolina

  • Several in Florida

  • 2 in Las Vegas that we know of

  • Pennsylvania

  • Louisiana

  • California

It's easy to spot a UCI Leech, look at someone that has taken our courses, or got a copy of one of our books, and wrote his/her own course using our material, methods and techniques. Some go as far as saying they are a UCI Instructor. If you have any questions about our leeches, give us a call. If you want to share a UCI leech with us, we will be glad to add them to the list.


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