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Communication Signals

UCI understands that our signals are different than many teams around the country. Keep in mind our signals were developed from years of actually searching on search patterns. We did not take them from another profession or service that had nothing to do with diving. Our signals also convert easily from rope pulls to hand squeezes. I actually do not care what signals you use as long as you are effectively communicating with each other. So why would you be so concern about mine? Like anything else, before you criticize, try them out, kick the tires and make an educated decisions.

Communication is the process of making something known or exchanging information or ideas.  The communication process starts with at least two people wanting to communicate. To be effective, it takes active involvement by all those involved.  The problem is that we think communication is simply opening our mouths and saying something when in fact it is so much more


As Public Safety Divers, we communicate with each other, the media, the victim's family, suspects and other investigators just to name a few of the different individuals and groups.  Everyone we communicate with has their own set of problems, or hurdles that we have to deal with to ensure effective clear communication takes place.  As the professionals and the ones in control, it is our job to see that a communication link is established.  It is our job to ensure the communication process is taking place and what is communicated is understood.


The following will give you a good idea of the communication that is needed as Underwater Criminal Investigators®:

Rope Pull Signals

Hand Squeezes

Wireless/Hard Wire Communication

Communicating with the family

Communicating with the media

The "OATH" Communication Signals

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