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Mike Berry, UCI's founder and Head Instructor is considered a world class diver and is recognized internationally as a Master Underwater Criminal Investigator. Mike is one of the most experienced underwater investigators in the world. Mike has assisted agencies from around the world in recovering bodies, human remains and criminal evidence that many said could not be recovered and is available to assist you in your recovery needs as well. If you have an investigation that leads to the water's edge that you find yourself unsure of or you just need some help or advice on, give him a call: 434-594-5006


To contact Mike by Email:


Guest Speaking


Mike is also available as a guest speaker. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Underwater Criminal Investigations (For Divers)

  • Underwater Criminal Investigations (For Land Investigators)

  • Body Recovery

  • Vehicle Recovery

  • Evidence Recovery

  • Aquatic Death Investigations

  • Technical Equipment Recovery Operations

  • Technical Recovery Operations

  • FBI "Amerithrax" Diving Operation

  • Performance Based Training (PBT)

  • Liability Issues for Dive Teams


Mike has lectured both nationally and internationally in the above listed topics and has received many awards and commendations for his abilities as a public speaker and expert in the field of Underwater Criminal Investigations.

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