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Hosting a UCI Training Course


UCI training is in high demand! It takes a minimum of 8 students and covering instructor(s) travel expenses. Every location and class is different so please contact UCI for details.

What's needed?

  • A minimum of 8 student (we can usually handle your max.)

  • A classroom that can hold everyone.

  • A open water location that has a depth ranging from 10-25 feet (a quarry or lake, etc.)

  • UCI DOES NOT Conduct Training in a swimming poo! So, we do not need a pool.

  • And if possible, a submerged vehicle at that location.


How do you get started?

  • Contact UCI for available dates.

  • Advertise to your area's dive teams.

  • Arrange for hotel accommodations for participants. (Make sure you get the best possible prices available).


Benefits of Sponsoring

  • You save on hotel, travel and food expenses for all your divers

  • You get to train in your own environment and backyard.

  • You get to make the recoveries in your area and get the publicity as well.


What will UCI training do for you?

  • Establish better organization within your team.

  • Prove how your area is a haven for criminal activity.

  • Give you the tools needed to succeed in underwater criminal investigations.

  • Increase your diving skill level!

  • Prove to your leaders that having a professional law enforcement dive team able to successfully serve your area is essential in today's crime ridden world.

  • You become part of an elite group a Underwater Criminal Investigators and you join the UCI family! 


How do we do this?

  • By providing the best training in Law Enforcement Diving available in the world.


What is our promise?

  • That you will walk away better trained and prepared to participate in underwater criminal investigations.

  • That you and your team's recovery rate will increase by 100% if you do what you've been trained to do.


Sounds like we're pretty confident don't we?   You bet we are. We're UCI!

Contact UCI for more details!

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