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UCI Reports


Over the years UCI has created the documentation needed to professionally contribute and to allow you to be an active part of the criminal investigation. By documenting your involvement, you take a giant step forward in becoming a true criminal investigator who specializes in the underwater environment. Here are some of the forms UCI uses. We hope you can use them to make your recoveries a little safer as well as professional.


UCI 1 - Dive Report - This report acts as a dive report as well as criminal investigative report. I give a copy to all divers as well as the investigators I'm assisting for their case files. My divers put these reports in a 3-ring binder and this "UCI log book" becomes a record of their involvement in the dive operations.


UCI 1-A - Remarks Continuation Sheet - This form is used to extend the remarks section on the UCI Dive Report. I require that whoever is filling out the report write down what was done. Explaining in detail your involvement should take more than the Dive Report has room for. So, that's where this report comes in.


UCI 2 - Crime Scene Sketch - I do a crime scene sketch on all my dives, be it training or an actual operation. This documents where I have been and the area I searched. Giving the land investigator a copy of your dive report and crime scene sketch jumps you way ahead of everyone other public safety dive team because most do not. If you are an investigator, act like one. Document your involvement.


UCI 3 - Body Recovery Worksheet - I fill one of these out on all body recoveries and forward them to whoever is going to conduct the post-mortem examination. This document records what I saw and learned about the situation. I furnish all investigators a copy of this report. It can be made into a slate and taken down by divers or filled out on land and then transferred to an actual paper report.


UCI 4 - Vehicle Recovery Worksheet - This report helps document your involvement in a vehicle recovery. It helps remind you of what questions to answer. I give a copy to all investigators involved. It can be made into a slate that can be taken down by divers or filled out on land.


UCI 5 - Dive Emergency Information Sheet - I make sure I have one of these filled out and on site for all divers involved in the operation. This can help answer questions if needed in an emergency.


UCI 6 - Diver Equipment Inspection Worksheet - This report helps document the readiness of my teams equipment.


UCI 7 - Specialized Equipment Checklist - This report helps me locate specialized equipment quickly when I need it if I don't have it already.


UCI 8 - Current Speed Chart - This is the information I use when I'm trying to make sure it's safe enough to get in the water.


UCI 9 - Dive Master Control Sheet - This report is what I try to actually use on site to document my dives. I later transfer this information to a dive report.


UCI 10 - Chain of Custody Worksheet - I use this report if the investigator I'm assisting does not have an "official" form. It keeps the chain documented.


UCI 11 - Lifting Chart - This chart is used to show you how much air might be need to lift an object off the bottom. Keep in mind bottom suction that can require a lot more lift. Once it breaks free from the suction, the object can surface out of control.


UCI 12 - Witness Interview Worksheet - This worksheet organizes and documents what the witnesses said. It helps document why you searched where you searched as well as helps triangulate the PLS (Point Last Scene).

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