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UCI wanted to share with you just a few of the hundreds of comments from UCI graduates on the training they received. We are proud of each and every one of our UCI graduates and proud of the training we are honored to provide.

Thanks for everything, Cole Montgomery, Captain Lexington Rescue


Mike, I wanted to let you know how much that class improved both my underwater skills and how to stand back and look at each situation. I never thought I would be able to gain so much information out of 1 class. You are an excellent teacher and I am lucky to have been in your class. GO UCI!!!!!!

Hey Mike Terry from Culpeper County Sheriff's Office, just wanted to tell you thanks so much for all you have done for us divers. The masters program was excellent.


Hi Mike, Norm here, I was contacted by a news reporter for the Virginian Pilot about the story on the gun that killed Chief Joe White down in NC several years ago. I was surprised when I opened the paper yesterday. It was me, almost a 1/2 page photo with the gun. I thank you my friend for helping me hone my skills so I could get in there and get the job done. This was the last and probably the most important dive I have ever made. The guy pled guilty and was given life in prison without parole. I'll get with you soon, Officer Norm Harris, Norfolk Police Underwater Search and Recovery Dive Team (Retired).


Valerie and I both have discussed how our skill level and knowledge was increased at UCI. Thanks for all the work you have put into developing a very unique and rewarding program. Our recommendations about the course would be not to change a thing. It is right on target. Valerie is very proud of her "Balls". Regards,


Galen & Valerie Hall



Thanks for the great class last week. It was the best training class I have attended for any subject. I am working on my vacation schedule to allow time for the Master's class in October if possible. I hope to see you in October and will stay in touch. Best regards, Rich Schuster


I was searching for some good sites to show to some non-divers regarding search and recovery (lots of questions regarding recovery of a boat lost @ 103 feet in a glacial lake), and happened across your site. I spent the next hour-plus reading through it, and found it quite fascinating. As a "sport" diver with a keen interest in search and recovery, this was a very informative site to find.Just wanted to say hello and thanks for the resource!




Grant Evans, Glenside, PA & Melvin Village, NH


Hi Mike:

I thought the course was excellent and I greatly enjoyed it. You did a fantastic job teaching us and thanks so much. It really brought everything together for me. I'm looking forward to taking the Master's course sometime in the near future.


SGT. Steve Burgdorf

I am Deputy Alan Whigham with the Madison County Sheriff's Office. I serve as the "Underwater Search & Recovery Diver". I was surfing the web and stumbled upon your web-site . I am HAPPY to see that you take a BOLD stand on being a CHRISTIAN. I to am a Christian and as you know, we are fighting an everyday battle in this world . Again, thank you for taking a BOLD stand.

I enjoyed your web-site . Full of GOOD information .



Hey Mike,

Kevin here. Thanks again for an awesome class!!

-Kevin Raney



Hi Mike!

Here is what I found when the Scruggs Dive Team was clearing the bridge for the Sheriff's Department in Buchanan, VA. a couple of months ago.

Thanks for all that good training we received and it was a pleasure to have you as an instructor.

David E. Ward


Mike, I wanted to say thanks for the UCI training. I found my first body last night in Lake Landor. Robert and I were on the second crew on the second Jackstay. It went down exactly like we trained. We were running the Jackstay and on the 5th pass, I felt the boys hand. I marked him with a marker buoy and did everything I was trained to do. It worked out just like we had trained.

Kasey Campbell
Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Department

Galen and Valerie
David Ward
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