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Registration Policy

To register for any UCI course, please fill out and save or print a copy of the UCI Application and a Diver Medical Questionnaire located at the bottom of this page (fill them out carefully and completely). You can email or mail your UCI Application along with the Diver Medical Questionnaire to UCI and the UCI Instructor teaching your course. Payment and prices for the course depends on the sponsor and location. On the "Schedule" page, click on the "Details" button for the course you are interested in. That will lead you to specific payment and site information for your course.

Not everyone is accepted into UCI training programs and you are not officially registered until all of the registration requirements listed above are completed and you receive confirmation from UCI that you are registered.

UCI is constantly dealing with other instructors attempting to attend our programs in order to steal, plagiarize and copy our material and training methods.  These so called "instructors" have no experience of their own and attempt to create programs based on UCI's copyrighted material and methods. These instructors are not welcomed and when discovered will not be allowed to attend or removed from the program and added to our growing "UCI Leech List".

Only those with the required training prerequisites can attend a UCI training program. So, read the required prerequisites. Those that have only an Open Water Diver certification level are not qualified to attend ANY UCI course. You need to be a certified Advanced Open Water Diver or higher to attend ANY UCI training program.

Special Note: If you answered YES to questions 3, 5 or 10 on the first page of the Diver Medical Questionnaire OR to any of the questions on page 2, please read and agree to the statement above by signing and dating it AND take all three pages of this form (Participant Questionnaire and the Physician’s Evaluation Form) to your physician for a medical evaluation. Participation in a diving course requires your physician’s approval. You can use the third page of the form for this or use your own medical permission form from a doctor stating you are physically able to attend the course. That page with the written permission from a doctor can be mailed or given to your UCI instructor on the first day of class. Without it, your UCI training stops! 

Our email address is: and address is: 10350 Duryea Drive, Richmond, VA 23235

UCI Application

Diver Medical Questionnaire

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