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Tim Andro is the Dive Coordinator for the Mahwah Fire and Rescue Dive Team which serves the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department as their underwater criminal investigation’s unit. Tim is also the founder of the New Jersey Regional SCUBA Task Force and the owner and lead instructor for Northeast Public Safety Divers, a premiere public safety dive training company.


Tim brings to the table an extensive resume in Public Safety Diving as well as technical diving and has over 20 years of experience in diving and over 24 years of experience as a firefighter. Tim is an Advanced Trimix and Closed-Circuit Rebreather diver and has reached depths over 200’ and has logged over 3,500 dives, which includes over 800 decompression dives.

Tim is also the founder and owner of DIVECODES, which is a public safety dive team reporting, tracking, and personnel records system that is a "must have" for professional public safety dive teams.  


As a Master Underwater Criminal Investigator and UCI Dive Commander, Tim has run operations for the FBI, US Coast Guard, NY and NJ Port Authority Police, the Royal Mounted Canadian Police in Alberta Canada, and numerous other smaller jurisdictions throughout NY & NJ. Tim specializes in a variety of public safety diving topics, which include Surface Supplied Air Diving, Contaminated Water Diving, OSHA and NFPA Standards and Procedures, and Ice Diving. Tim is also a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and UCI’s newest Underwater Criminal Investigator Instructor!

You can contact Tim by calling 201-888-8656 or by email: Northeast Public Safety Divers

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