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2018 Schedule

The schedule is always changing with new classes being added so keep your eyes on it. UCI Academies around the country are 9 days long. The Underwater Criminal Investigator course is 4-days, the Master UCI course  is 5-days and the Public Safety Dive Commander course is 4-days long. Anything that is in BOLD is a link to new information about that course. 

All classes begin at 8am each morning unless otherwise posted.

Call for more information: 434-594-5006

Course                                                    Dates                             Location                    Instructor          Price

Public Safety Diver and UCI                             Feb 17-25                                 Okinawa Japan                   Mike Berry                 Private

UCI and Master UCI                                           April 1-13                                  Dubai                                   Mike Berry                 Private

Advanced PSD, UCI and Master UCI                April 18-29                                Columbus, GA                    Mike Berry                 Details

UCI and Master UCI                                           May 25-28                                 To be announced               Mike Berry                 Details

UCI Only                                                             June 22-25                                Salem, Mass                        Mike  Berry                Details

UCI and Master UCI                                            July 14-21                                 Fredericksburg, VA              Mike Berry                Details


UCI and Master UCI                                           Aug 11-19                                  Atlanta, GA                           Mike Berry                Details

UCI and Master UCI                                           Sept 16-22                                 To be announced               Mike Berry                 Details

UCI and Master UCI                                           Oct 13-21                                  Columbus, GA                      Mike Berry                Details

PSD Dive Commander                                      Nov 9-12                                    Columbus, GA                      Mike Berry                Details

UCI and Master UCI                                           Dec 8-15                                    To be announced                Mike Berry                 Details

Not all of our UCI courses are listed. Some are private and others come up at the last minute. Email us if you don't see dates or a location that fits your schedule. We might be holding one near you.

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