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Walpole, NH UCI Class

This course is being co-coordinated by Annette Spalding, one of UCI's LENGENDARY Divers. The program is being held in Walpole Hew Hampshire on September 5-8, 2019. The lecture will be held at the Walpole Fire Station and in water training will be conducted in the area. If you are interested in registering, either call Annette at: 802.779.6378 or contact UCI. Annette can answer all questions pertaining to the area, hotels, food etc. To register, fill out the UCI application and Medical Form and send them in with course fees.

Price for divers taking the Underwater Criminal Investigators course is $795.00

This price covers training material and certifications

Students are responsible for air fills, meals, lodging, travel, etc.

Class starts at 0800 and runs until we are done.

Special Note: To make this class happen, it will take 8 or more students due to travel.

Price for non divers attending or observing the class is $250.00

Classroom training site for the first day of lecture September 5, 2019:

Walpole Fire Department

278 Main Street

Walpole, NH

Students are required to make their own hotel reservations if needed.  The town of Keene NH has a number of hotels and restaurants and is approx. 30 minutes away from the fire house.

To Register Click Here

For more information contact Annette Spalding above or UCI.

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