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The UCI-VLS (Vehicle Lifting System)


If you were ever looking for an effective way to recover vehicles by lifting them with lift bags, here it is! UCI has created a lifting system and technique that makes rigging and lifting vehicles easy. How do we make that claim? We have been recovering and teaching how to recover vehicles for over 30 years. We have used every system known to man including using 55 gallon drums. After years of being frustrated with bags that fall apart, not having enough lift or using bags not designed to safely do the job, we designed our own technique and system. Introducing the UCI-VLS.


Special Note:


UCI currently does not have a company making our bags. Any company Both Prolift and Carter Lift Bags have copies of our system that they do not have permission to use. We worked with both companies who did not honor our agreements and who changed our design with no testing or experience. making their system flaud and longer deals with either Prolift or Carter Lift Bags. We hired both companies of the years to make our system and both started changing the design the  we hired to make the UCI-VLS due to defects and miss advertisement. Several systems were sold with major gaps in the seams (they forgot to seal them properly) making the bags unsafe and useless. This same company then took information and pictures off of this website without permission, put it on their site and made it sound like they had something to do with the design of the UCI-VLS, which they did not. So we have "disconnected" and we are now working with the "legendary" Carter Bag company to make our bags. Carter is by far the best and have honor and integrity. So don't buy a copied system! Call UCI for pricing and purchasing.

What makes our system the best system out there (in our humble opinion)? Well, we started off by first lifting hundreds of vehicles on real recovery operations for over 30 years before we decided to design a system based on real needs and dealing with real issues. Based on that experience, we invented our own lifting technique and system that allows the dive team to lift vehicles either using bags with scuba tanks inserted in the tank pockets or, the bags can be inflated by surface personnel using air hoses. So you can do a diver lift or surface lift!


So, why would you need to lift vehicles off the bottom using lift bags? One reason is some vehicles float away from their entry point making it hard or even impossible to reach with a tow truck. So you have to lift the vehicle and tow it to an extraction point. Another reason is lifting vehicles can be a safe and effective way of recovering vehicles doing very little damage to the vehicle IF you have been properly trained to do so. It also allows you to lift vehicles up and over obstructions on the bottom that could impede your recovery like rocks, trees, end of boat ramps, stumps and vegetation.

What do you get with the UCI-VLS:

  • 4 - 2300 pound lift bags and carrying cases. We make our bags larger than what would normally be needed for most lifts.

  • "V" lifting straps. These straps allow you to attach the rigging chain to a single attaching point which is usually on an axle.

  • 4-foot galvanized rigging chains with rigging hooks

  • An over-sized tank pocket that allows you to insert tanks with boots or larger tanks. The tank pockets are also position sideways on the bags and position the tanks just above the surface when the bags are inflated to allow the diver easy access to the tank valve.

  • 4 - Easy dump/over inflation valves that allow the bag or divers to vent excess air.

  • Each bag is equipped with a high pressure connector hose with a female quick disconnect check-valve that allows for surface inflating the bags with low pressure hoses.


The "UCI Lift" focuses on attaching the bags to the axles of the vehicle which are usually safe to lift from, exposed and usually easy to access. Our tank pocket has been specially designed to hold tanks with boots, tanks without boots and even larger tanks. The pocket position places the bag just above the surface making the tank valve which the divers use to add air into the bags, easier to access. Over sized bags, "V" straps, single attaching point, over sized tank pocket and tank pockets strategically placed side ways on the bag to make it easier to control are all UCI designed features. Again, UCI leads the way! Call

UCI for pricing.



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