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The Public Safety Diver

Basic Essentials

By Mike Berry

Distributed by PADI

The Public Safety Diver, Basic Essentials is an in depth book on the foundational aspects of Public Safety Diving and designed to be your "first step" in this field. It will better equip the reader with the skills needed to respond to the unforeseen situations they may encounter and better prepare them to meet the challenges a Public Safety Diver might face.        


Chapter Titles     

1. Introduction to Public Safety Diving

2. Public Safety Diver Readiness

3. Scene-Size-Up

4. Before Starting the Public Safety Dive Operation

5. Communications

6. Medical Considerations

7. Public Safety Diving Basic Search Techniques

8. Body Movement in Water

9. Public Safety Diver Self-Rescue Techniques

10. Public Safety Diver Emergency Response

11. Attempting a Non-Diver Victim Rescue

The book focuses on self-rescue, other PSD rescues and non-diver rescue attempts.

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