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UCI Port Security Specialist


September 11, 2001 (9/11), changed the focus of public safety forever. Just watching the news you can see the growing threat to our safety and way of life. UCI is committed in providing those responsible for our maritime safety and security with the right tools to respond and protect those we serve. As divers, our capabilities and services must  now meet the growing challenges and threats to our security as well as continue to handle our preexisting missions. Aquatically, our responsibilities must expand from providing rescue and recovery operations to a broader, proactive approach in prevention, responding to and recovery from a wider range of aquatic possibilities.


The UCI Port Security Specialist training program was developed to meet the growing threat to our maritime related areas including commercial shipping, ports, bridges and waterways. This program was developed by highly experienced law enforcement divers with years of experience in maritime security.

Topics include:

  • Maritime Risk Assessment

  • Limpet and Improvised Explosive Device Identification

  • Ship Lockout/Tag-out Procedures

  • Hull Searching Techniques

  • Emergency Response and Recall Procedures

  • Device Marking Procedures

  • Port Security Assessment

  • MARSEC Application

  • Maritime Vulnerability Mitigation


Price of the course: $25,000.00


Hours: 40 hrs.


Minimum number of students: 10


This course is normally a private class and due to logistical requirements and cost, financed through federal grants and other like funding sources.

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