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UCI training is in high demand so prices my vary depending on which instructor teaches the program, the location, class size and training/travel expenses. The prices listed below are the 2019 foundational prices meaning the starting prices. Based on the programs location and other factors, the course you are interested in could be more than the foundational price. 

Public Safety Diver - $550.00

Public Safety Diver Instructor - $550.00

Advanced Public Safety Diver - $550.00

Advanced Public Safety Diver Instructor - $550.00

Underwater Criminal Investigator - $795.00

Master Underwater Criminal Investigator - $1,195.00

Public Safety Dive Commander - $1,295.00

So, the prices listed are the base prices. When UCI goes on the road, the travel and training expenses can be added to the price. Some agencies cover the expenses so the price remains the same, other programs add it into the student price. 

Also, all payment for sponsored courses like the PADI PSD Workshops and the UCI Workshops in Columbus GA and others are handled by the hosting group. Payment would be made to those organizations. For payment information, click on the "Details" button for the course you are interested in on the "Schedule" page.

UCI can provide W-9s, POs, Invoices, Training Proposals and any other documentation you may need to make your training happen. We hope to see you soon in one of our UCI classes!

Come join the UCI family!

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