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Christian Faith

Mike here. I wanted to share with you an article I wrote for the Informer Newsletter, which is the official newsletter for the Virginia State Police Association. In it, I share some of my Christian faith as well as beliefs in this country and the source of our problems. I believe we as individuals need to get off the fence when it comes to what we believe in and who's side we're truly on. The Bible talks about three categories, being hot, cold or lukewarm. My goal as a Christian is to be on fire, sharing my Christian faith and standing for my beliefs. In Revelation, 3:15-16, Jesus Christ says, "I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm - neither hot nor cold - I am about to spit you out of my mouth."


What do you believe in? Is it in the ways of the world?  Or, are you a born again child of God? It's either one or the other. If you're currently a closet Christian standing on the fence, not wanting to get involved, not letting your light shine as we are commanded, I got news for you, you're doing more damage by not standing for your faith than those that are actively trying to destroy it. Get off the fence! Make a stand! Get involved! By God's grace you have been saved. He's taken the first step. To get off the fence, you'll have to take the next.


The Truth


As the Mayflower sat anchored off the shores of Massachusetts, before setting foot on dry land, its leaders drafted the first United States Constitution known as the "Mayflower Compact". Sometimes referred to as the "birth certificate of America" it stated that the men and women set out on that great undertaking to establish the first colony on the northern parts of Virginia "for the glory of God, and the advancements of the Christian faith." This declaration was one of many that established a foundation built on Christian moral principles that lead and directed this nation to become one of the greatest ever recorded in human history.


Our Christian heritage over the past four decades has been under a steady wave of attack. These highly organized assaults have penetrated our inner lives through TV, Radio, Movies, Books and Magazines. TV alone has tripled its violence, sex, and fowl language in just the past ten years and the most commonly used curse word in movies today is using the Lord's name in vain. Just about every way of influencing someone's behavior, thoughts and beliefs have been used in this well thought out war. The enemy's success is quite evident. Moral decay is all around us and is moving like a malignant cancer and if left untreated our death as a great nation is immanent.

Having a foundation built on Christian principles is a key ingredient for success of any individual as well as organization. This level of morality acts as legs that hold you straight and strong and guides your path and lights your way when darkness sets and troubles come.

The effects of today's troubles are apparent even in our own Department. Lack of morals and behavior not associated with our profession is discovered almost every day. Just in the past few years we have had to deal with liars, thieves, and adulterers just to name a few moral-lacking categories that we've seen contaminate the uniform we wear. The effects of our nation's troubles can also effect our attitudes towards each other and the Department we serve.


I remember the days when we had parties and picnics and almost everyone was there. I remember when you were working an accident; directing traffic or simply making a traffic stop and fellow troopers coming to assist without being asked. When it was time to eat, the restaurants were full of troopers because of the comradery and fellowship we all shared. But it seems something as basic as helping one another and caring for one another can be affected by this new attitude that is haunting our troubled world. I know there is more to the picture and influences that affect us from within our own Department. But my point is "things are changing!"


How do we get back on track? The answer stairs back at us every time we look in a mirror. We decide what we are going to believe. We decide how we will act. We control our behavior, our thoughts, language, attitude and deeds. If things are going wrong, we are to blame. Maybe for not creating all the problems but for not making the stand needed to correct them. The English Statesmen, Edward Burke said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." I say there is enough good men left in this world to stop the tide of immorality and to change our course and straighten our path.


When David confronted Goliath he not only made a stand, he initiated the attack. Picking up five smooth stones David charged the giant that stood before him insulting and threatening his nation. With one throw from his sling he hit the giant in the forehead. The stone sank deep and the man fell to the ground. What threatens our nation is a similar giant, set on destruction, focused on victory. How our nation and its people respond will ultimately determine our nation and our family's future. The question is "How are you responding to the attack?" Are you blindly going through life not recognizing the threat? Are you standing tall and poised for battle or are you part of the enemies advancing forces?


Our destiny as a nation and Department rest with the men and women who are willing to stand on the front lines and face the enemy head on. Our victory rest in our willingness to stand for the moral principles we once held so dear. I challenge each and every one of you to decide on our future. We demonstrate which side we represent to those around us each and every day by our actions and deeds. What principles we hold dear can bring honor or destruction. We hold the key and our success stands before us if we are willing to make the stand and set the example.      


God Bless and thanks for listening.

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