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UCI 9-Day Workshop


If you ever wanted to attend some serious kick butt dive training focusing on underwater criminal investigations, here it is! In 9-days you get certified as an:

  1. Underwater Criminal Investigator

  2. Body Recovery Specialist

  3. Vehicle Recovery Specialist

  4. Evidence Recovery Specialist

  5. CSI Metal Detector Specialist

  6. Master Underwater Criminal Investigator


To add to that you get trained and certified by UCI, the worlds experts in law enforcement diving and PADI, the worlds largest dive training agency. What else could you ask for?

If your schedule will not allow you to attend the entire program, take as much as you can. Come back and finish the rest.


The first 4-days is the UCI course. The first day is lecture which lays down a solid foundation on what UCI diving is about. The next 2 days are in-water training days that teaches you everything that you need to know to be a UCI diver. The 4th day is an actual evidence search day where our students go out and search for real criminal evidence. UCI does not hide guns and make up a scenario. We search for real criminal evidence. No one does that because no one else has the expertise and knowledge to do that in a training program.


After you graduate from the UCI course, you turn around the next day and start the Master's. The Master's program takes the 3-cores of UCI diving which are: Body, Evidence and Vehicle Recovery and takes your knowledge and skills to the next level. The things you learn, we invented. Here are some examples:


Body Recovery Specialist


  • The "Weighted Body Recovery Technique" - A technique designed to allow you to safely and professional recover bodies that have been weighted down some way. UCI invented it!

  • The "Detailed Grid System" - A recovery system designed to professionally and accurately recover badly decomposed bodies. UCI invented it!

  • The "UCI Underwater Body Bagging Technique" and "Floating Body Bagging Technique" - Body bagging techniques designed to professionally and methodically bag bodies underwater and on the surface. UCI invented them!


Vehicle Recovery Specialist


The "UCI Lift" - The safest vehicle lifting technique available that allows divers to professionally and safely lift vehicles using a diver lifting technique or a surface lifting technique with UCI's own designed and invented Vehicle Lifting System (UCI-VLS). UCI invented the lifting technique and the bags!


CSI Metal Detector Specialist


Who teaches underwater and land crime scene processing using land and underwater metal detectors? UCI does! In fact, we designed the search techniques that are now being used around the world!


Evidence Recovery Specialist


This category is sooooo long, it would take several pages to cover what UCI invented, created, designed, etc. But here is a short example:

  • The "UCI Marker Buoy" (UCI-MB)

  • The UCI Marker Buoy Technique

  • UCI's Center Line Position

  • UCI's Evidence Packaging Technique

  • UCI Jackstay Method

  • UCI Arc Search Method

  • UCI Documentation Technique


Wow! Bet you did not think one company could have designed and invented so much. You might be asking how in the world did UCI come up with so many techniques and tools. The answer is 35 plus years of actually conducting underwater criminal investigations; leading some of the largest dive operations in the world, making thousands of dives, recovering millions of dollars worth of stolen property and unknown number of body recoveries (meaning we don't know how many, that's how many). What you just read is just a short list of what we will teach you and what you will learn. Come join the UCI family. We'll leave the light on for you!

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